About Us

Welcome to UKROIDS247.COM – which is an official reseller of Gentech Labs UK.

We have a proud affiliation with Gentech Labs as we believe they are one of the best in the business.

There is no question that Labs exist purely for profit but their downfall is often their greed and inability to keep up with orders – and end up disguising other compounds to what you are after in a desperate bid to complete a sale. An example of this could be selling Winstrol as Anavar – which is x 3 the price as a raw ingredient!

We refuse to work with labs who we believe are doing this as we are a team of pro athletes ourselves and who been through all the trails and tribulations before of picking a reliable brand!

Please understand that although our prices are extremely competitive with our competition, the extra lengths we believe Gentech has gone through to ensure safe, high dose gear – by asking for discounts you are inevitably asking us and the lab itself to take shortcuts in hygiene or quality to be able to reduce the cost of production to then reduce the price to us for us to then reduce the price for you, our customers, which we do not want to do under any circumstances and risk bad health or substandard doseaging. We would rather not be in business than to have a bad reputation where people complain of under dosed products or unsterile oils!

If you have any further questions, problems or would like to order direct with us not using the site – please email us on SALES@UKROIDS247.COM for your enquiry. Please check your JUNK or SPAM mailbox as some email providers automatically direct all our emails there as you may not see them in your inbox. We will always reply in under 24 hours, 7 days per week.