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Please read the following carefully before placing any order/purchasing from this website:

Any purchase indicates your agreement to these terms and conditions, please do not confirm your order if you do not agree to the following.

By using this website, you agree that you are 18 years and older, or above the age of consent in your juristiction to view and/or possess anabolic steroids or read content of this nature.

Any information read on this website, should not be relied upon without your own informed research and advice from a medical professionals/doctor.

You must not be purchasing on behalf of anyone except yourself.

You must not be addicted and/or use any products bought on this website if you do not fully understand the functions and possible side effects of items purchased.

You must be aware of the proper dosaging of products and never exceed recommended levels.

You must understand the laws of your own country and its policy regarding anabolics and related products and agree not to hold the operators of this website responsible for your actions.

Refunds are not possible due to hygiene and possible contamination of products during handling. Please contact the website directly should there be any discrepancies of items recieved or their condition.

Guarantee’s are in place for all orders placed which require signatures upon reciept.

Under no circumstance should this website be liable for any legal ramifications that could arrise as a result of an order via this website.

Any orders siezed by customs during transit, it remains the responsibility of the customer to contact us for a re-send to be authorized.

Stock availability is subject to change without any prior notice.

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Any customer information provided by you to us is stored on our systems in an ecrypted format only readable by us. It is kept for a limited amount of time, allowing us to process your order and then automatically destroyed.

Please be rest assured that your data is not only encrypted, but kept out of jurisdiction of European and American law enforcement on an overseas server – which is beyond necessary but for your peace of mind.

We do not collect or hold any customer information given to us for longer than necassary to complete a order.

We do not sell or share any customer details with any other third party organisation. We take data protection extremely seriously.

We have in place extremely adequate electronic and physical proceedures to safeguard and protect all information collected to prevent un-authorized access.

Unless otherwise stated, we own the intellectual property rights to the entire contents of this website. No un-authorised use of any images/content or links are permitted without prior written consent.