Laws on Steroids

Laws on steroids vary widely from country to country and you will have to check your own jurisdiction for importation/possession/use laws. In terms of UK LAW…

• Steroids in the UK are legal to buy.

• Steroids in the UK are legal to posses and store in your home.

• The sale of steroids in the UK are illegal.

• Steroids are considered a class C drug.

• If steroids are found in your possession by police in your car/home etc – you will not receive a caution nor will they be taken from you as it will be considered personal use.

• If you have a large amount of steroids in your possession you may be in trouble unless you can prove that it is all for your personal consumption and is three months or under supply.

• Exportation of steroids is legal if you travel to another country and want to take them with you as long as it is in your personal luggage and is your own personal supply for under 3 months worth.

• All sporting organisations have banned the use of steroids and if tested can result in disqualification or ban from competing, however some steroids are only present in your system for a set period of time before becoming undetectable – so steroid cycles can be planned leading up to sporting events/competitions.

• Steroids as of April 2012 are now illegal to order online from overseas for importation to your UK address. This is why ordering from UKROIDS247.COM is much safer as it is delivered discreetly from within the UK to within the UK with no problems, no invoice or proof of payment.