Safe injecting

Proper injecting is extremely important and can be the reason you have pain during injecting or after injecting the next day. Three things to make sure are done correctly is
safe storage of your gear, safe and sterile preparation and safe injection proceedures.

Main places to inject are the Glute (Bum), Delt (Shoulder), Quad (Thigh). In our opinion no more than 2ml at any one time should be injected in your Glute / Quad and no more than 1ml in your delts if you are relatively new.
Have your syringes, green needle, blue needle and alcohol swab ready as shown below.

Safe Injecting Gentech 1

Using your alcohol wipe, wipe down the top of your vial as shown below to sterilize it.

Safe Injecting Gentech 2

Open your syringe pack and put the green needle on the end of the syringe. Never touch the raw needle itself and if you do, change your needle immediately. Put your vial upside down and suck out required amount using your syringe/green needle. Green is always for drawing out only and not injecting.

Safe Injecting Gentech 3

Replace green needle with blue needle and push out any air bubbles. You will always have some air bubbles present and as long as this is kept to a minimum is never a problem.

Safe Injecting Gentech 4

Now swab your injection site with another alcohol wipe (or possible the same one you used before) as shown below.

Safe Injecting Gentech 5

Push the needle in firmly but slowly – there is no rush and sometimes twisting the needle as going in helps as shown in picture below. Your needle can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes to enter your muscle.

Safe Injecting Gentech 6

Safe Injecting Gentech 7

Then slowly push your oil in …. this must be done slowly – the slower the better as you will not tear or aggravate any muscle as shown below:

Safe Injecting Gentech 8

Safe Injecting Gentech 10

And you are now finished! Don’t worry if blood trickles out as on the way in you may have passed a blood vessel – but as long as you are not in the vessel it doesn’t matter. You may very gentley massage the injection site and may use a tissue to wipe away any blood there may be. Injection sites should be rotated and left for a minimum of 5 days before re-using same site for an injection.


• Sometimes warming up your vial (oil) can help make your oil easier to inject and disperse in the muscle. Cold oil should never be injected and it must be at least room temperature. You can run your vial (or syringe containing oil with green needle) under hot running water for 1/2 minutes.

• Very gentle massage to the injection site after injecting can help oil disperse.

• Sometimes too much massage after injection can be detrimental and cause pain/irritation.

• Injecting after a hot shower is best due to muscles and skin relaxing.

• Avoid engaging the muscle you have injected for minimum 6 hours – so do not inject legs and then do legs 2 hours later.


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